General Construction

Construction Process

The construction process is divided into three essential phases; the pre-construction stage, the construction stage, and the post-construction process. Some project management methodologies in the construction industry name them as:

Project planning (pre-construction)

Project execution (construction)

Project Closure (post-construction)

Construction management provides logistical guidelines for objectives and defined task performance during each phase. Proper execution and completion of these tasks establish the framework for the project essential for ensuring the project’s success.

The construction project begins with the pre-construction stage, which involves planning the building design, securing permits, and gathering resources and labor required for construction.

Our pre-construction services provide the project owners with a formal approach that helps develop the construction costs, scope, and schedule- enabling the control and completion of the project on time.

The pre-construction stage is the foundation for the project’s success. It enables the project team to get organized and align with the owner’s project vision. Without this strong foundation, the construction project can become disorderly, leading to holes in the process, gaps in communication, and schedule delays.

The pre-construction stage has several steps:

  1. Recruiting Project Management Team – The client first recruits members for the project team. They include; The project manager, owner’s representative, insurance provider, real estate attorney, general construction/ contract company, construction manager, architectural team, and the financing partners. The client then reviews with the lawyer which of the team members will act in a fiduciary role, those who will act at arms-length, and the potential conflicts of interest.

  2. Project Definition – The client then confers with the design development professional to determine the energy and environmental design parameters and requirements. The objectives determined should be as concise as possible to allow for clarity in communication between the client, the builder, and the building design developer. Doing this will shorten the time the project will take to complete and establish the budget early in the process.

  3. Project Timetable – The client and the team then review the project timetable to determine the project’s milestones, such as when the building will be ready for use. At this point, the client can identify two or three areas where there is the risk of potential delays; the permit process.

  4. Site Evaluation – The site evaluation should be done carefully and earlier in the process because site location and conditions greatly impact the construction schedule and cost.

  5. Project Cost Estimates involve evaluating the labor, schedule, materials, site condition, building codes, and regulatory requirements.

  6. Agreement – A construction design-build agreement is then executed by the parties involved to authorize the builder to complete the building design on behalf of the owner. The agreement incorporates the owner’s design to establish the building materials, size, specifications, and finishes to determine the actual construction project cost.

  7. Essential Tasks – After the agreement, the builder schedules.

The project’s construction stage begins from the actual construction and lasts up to when the construction ends. The construction phase is what most people associate with a construction project because it is what is visible.

This phase lasts from the moment physical construction ends to when the project will be turned over to the owner. In the process, several procedures and events occur:

  • The construction site is cleaned up.

  • All equipment is returned.

  • A list is made of all items that require further attention.

  • The items in the above list are addressed.

  • We hand over all construction documents related to the project to the project owner.

  • We take the project owner through the building to show them how to operate all the equipment and systems.

What We do

You Think, We Build

Established in 1985, The Crowe Group, Inc. prides itself as a family-owned and managed business with a long history of successful commercial projects. From high-rise financial hubs to brand-driven restaurants, our team has planned, built, and renovated various commercial buildings within the Lone Star State.

While working as a general contractor in the commercial sector, our team focuses on providing a complete set of services that free you from the burden of planning, constructing, and remodeling your building. This proactiveness enables us to deliver solutions for initial construction, and commercial remodel Abilene, TX residents can rely upon.

Through our services, we provide construction solutions for sectors including but not limited to:


Experience has demonstrated that industrial projects, which can seem simple, include a unique set of challenges and considerations which can impact a project's outcome. The Crowe Group combines knowledge and experience with our client-focused approach, enabling us to be solution-oriented.


The Crowe Group General Contractors specializes in constructing medical facilities. We make certain that every step of the construction process meets the standards established in the medical industry. From elegant lobbies to technologically advanced lab rooms, our medical construction builders are here to create precisely what your facility requires.


For decades now, The Crowe Group has gathered experience in the retail sector, building everything from big box stores to lifestyle centers. We work with hard timelines, rigid specifications, and more - through uncompromising safety and quality.


Office buildings come with a unique set of characteristics, challenges, and considerations for builders. The Crowe Group combines their knowledge and expertise to build to your exact specifications each and every time.


Whether the project is an educational institution from the ground up or adding onto an existing municipal facility, The Crowe Group is the most familiar with the unique challenges associated with building institutional facilities. Committed to the highest standards of excellence, we are committed to excellence and produce minimal disruption to staff, students, and the general public.
Crowe Group is a construction company based in Abilene, Texas. We have a team of credited, experienced, professional contractors who have the skills to coordinate permits and contract documents and carry out the construction process from start to finish of your new facility.
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